Spring Semester 2021

PTSA Executive Board Candidates for 2021-22

The Gunn PTSA Nominating Committee is pleased to announce the PTSA Executive Board Candidates for 2021-22. The PTSA general membership will vote on the Slate at the next General Assembly meeting on Wednesday April 21 at 6:30 PM. Many thanks to nominating committee members Julia Jacobsen, Annie Bedichek, Jackie Liang, Anne Marie Hallada, and Karrie Chen for their hard work, and to the following parent volunteers for offering to serve the Gunn community next year:

  • President – Lili Nova-Roessig
  • Executive Vice President – Julia Jacobsen
  • VP of Communications – Suman Rangaswamy
  • VP of Ways & Means – Audrey Gold
  • VP of Community Activities – Janet Owen
  • Secretary – Jen Schultz
  • Treasurer – Pilar Hsue
  • Auditor – Karrie Chen
  • Historian – Claire Kirner
  • Parliamentarian – to be appointed

Important “Return to Campus” Resources

Summer School 2021 Registration

Gunn PTSA Titan Staff Spring Grants

The Gunn PTSA Spring Grants will help fund equipment and/or supplies that will help staff re-open classrooms and teach students in person and remotely. The PTSA will notify applicants of decisions as soon as possible, with approvals made on a rolling basis.  Apply now. Grants are available for up to $2000 per request; larger amounts may be considered.  Deadlines are March 17th and March 31st. We have added a NEW Instructional Technology Grant option. PTSA is funding a hybrid instructional technology pilot with a goal of creating a technology library for staff to use for teaching and learning. Please review the application for more details.

Student Led Projects: Inaugural Grants Spring 2021

Gunn PTSA announces the following inaugural grants have been made to support students in creative and engaging ways. Thank you to all parents that gave donations to the PTSA in the fall. Your generosity helps bring these student-generated school-wide projects to life.   

  • $500 to Gunn Organic Gardening Club to create easy to grow seed packets for the Gunn community to start gardening around Earth Day in April.
  • $300 to the SEC Wellness Program for the purchases of prizes to encourage participation in the school wide mental health conference in March. 
  • $500 to pay for 7.5 months of technology services required for Tutorbook – an online platform used for Gunn’s peer tutoring program.   
  • $200 for the printing and translation of a student created brochure to educate the Gunn community on the importance of the Covid-19 Vaccine. Grant is conditional that the school nurse approves the content of the brochure.
  • $250 to buy prizes to encourage 11th grade students to use Gunn’s free Naviance test prep services.  
  • $1350 to procure consumable materials and tools for The Village Studio. The Village Studio brings together minds from all disciplinary fields and helps foster creativity through project-based learning, unstructured curricula, and critical education. It is a creative center based at Gunn with a variety of tools to make things, from STEM/engineering projects to artistic endeavors.  * Grant is conditional on there being staffing to open and supervise the studio this academic year.

PAUSD Career Month

Begins Friday, March 19 More information here.

Recording and Notes

See the recording and notes from our various PTSA events and Principal’s Chats. These are all housed on UpToUs. Please click here to view how to access these.

Parent Nights with Gunn Counseling

Weighted Grades

In answer to recent inquiries, here is more specific information from the counseling department about weighted grading practices at Gunn. 

  • Gunn provides a weighted grade (which is listed on the transcript alongside the unweighted GPA) for all Honors and AP level courses taken 10-12th grades, but not for any classes taken during 9th grade. Weighting of these honors and AP courses is factored into the overall GPA calculation on a 5 point scale, unlike our other classes which are factored into the GPA calculation on a 4 point scale. In this way, honors and AP classes get an extra point of “weight”.
  • How Gunn calculates its weighted GPA is different than how the UCs calculate their weighted GPA, or how other schools choose to calculate GPAs for their admissions purposes.There is not a single standard. (For more information see Gunn PTSA’s College Resources and Information webpage.)
  • The Counseling Department recommends families look at Naviance, which has historical charts (“Scattergrams”) showing the unweighted GPAs of Gunn students who were admitted into various colleges over the last 6 years. These charts can give students some insights in to determining if they are in the “ballpark” for consideration at various schools, but the Gunn counseling department urges families not to place too much weight on these numbers as there is a lot of variation from year to year, and colleges take many other factors besides GPA into consideration.

College Board Announcement

“The pandemic accelerated a process already underway at the College Board to reduce and simplify demands on students.” 

  • SAT Subject Tests have been discontinued.
  • Optional SAT Essay has been discontinued.
  • A more flexible SAT— a streamlined, digitally delivered test — is being investigated.

College admissions practices will continue to evolve, and Gunn counselors will continue to convey the relevant information through Titan Talk (sent via email to the parent community on Sundays), meetings, and assemblies.