PTSA Executive Board

PTSA Executive Board 2023-24

In addition to the Executive Board members listed below, we rely on Key PTSA Volunteers to accomplish our mission.

PresidentJulia Jacobsen
Executive Vice PresidentAudrey Gold
Deputy EVPJen Wiener
VP Community Activities
Deputy VP Community Activities
Jun Zhang
Naomi Wang
VP Ways and Means
Deputy VP Ways and Means
Samina Shetty
VP Communications
Deputy VP of Communications
Indira Selvakumaraswamy
Suman Rangaswamy
Deputy Secretary
Jen Silva
Emily Wessler
Deputy Treasurer
Emily Jaquette
Deputy Auditor
Julie Lin
Claudia Zhang
Deputy Historian
Rachel Gibson
Kelly Young
Immediate Past PresidentLili Nova-Roessig
ParliamentarianJen Schultz
Advocacy Chair
Health & Wellness Chair
Health & Wellness Deputy Chair

Outreach and Inclusion Chair
Outreach and Inclusion Deputy Chair
Nallely Gomez
Parent Education Chair
Parent Education Deputy Chair
Rebecca Scholl
Hospitality Chair
Hospitality Deputy Chair
Heather Schultz
PrincipalWendy Stratton
Teacher RepresentativeTim Young
Student Representative
(Junior Site Council Rep is the PTSA Student Rep)

Please see our Key PTSA Volunteers for the remainder of our PTSA Roster.