Executive Board

President Kimberly Eng Lee
Principal Kathie Laurence
Executive Vice President Lili Nova Roessig
VP of Community Activities Elisa Yu
Co-VP of Community Activities Heewon Park
VP of Ways and Means Joy Hinton
VP of Communications (all-parent communication, Parent Networks, PTSA website) Jen Schultz
Co-VP of Communications (Outreach & Diversity) Jenny Chang
Co-VP of Communications (Infrastructure) Eva Dobrov*
Secretary Karen Shuler
Co-Secretary Claire Kirner
Treasurer Karrie Chen
Co-Treasurer Claudia Yu
Auditor Xin Liu
Historian Paul Sakuma
Parliamentarian Ann Xu
Advocacy Chair Grace Mah
Parent Education Chair Annie Bedichek
Health & Wellness Chair Pending
Social, Emotional Learning Chair Pending
Budget Committee Chair Barbara Best
Past PTSA President Sigrid Pinsky

*Pending appointment in August 2019