Advocacy Resources

PTA’s are a large and powerful voice for advocacy and changes to public policies that benefit all students and their education.

National PTA Advocacy: Find out more about what National PTA is advocating for at the federal level to improve the lives of children and families. (For example, under school safety is National PTA’s Resolutions on Response to Sexual Harrassment and Sexual Violence Affecting Students, and Bullying Prevention)

California State PTA Advocacy: One of the most important roles of California State PTA is to create and support laws that improve the lives of all California children. Locally, the PTA Council of Palo Alto has a long tradition of advocacy by supporting and sponsoring issues related to education in PAUSD, and bringing local information to its members, parents across the district, and the community at large. Recent issues in Palo Alto include school safety, Measure O, teen vaping, school funding, class sizes, safe routes to schools, bullying-prevention and challenges specific to minority community members.


Gunn PTSA supports Student Involvement in Educational Governance, including (1) providing students with a meaningful way to participate in the decision-making process and (2) students and/or elected student leaders being informed on issues. A Student Representative sits on our Executive Board, and PTSA partners with Gunn’s Student Executive Council, the students elected or appointed to represent the student body or to oversee specific tasks relating to school events, activities, and the Gunn community.

  • For questions, information about PAUSD’s Title IX policies and procedures, or to file a complaint in PAUSD, please go to the Title IX web page
  • Students can access support for depression, grief, self-esteem, family life, stress, dating violence, sexual identity, and health needs through Gunn’s Wellness Center or their school Counselor.