Parent Networks

What are Parent Networks?

Parent Networks are grade-specific groups for parents/guardians; the goal is to provide parents with a supportive community of fellow Gunn parents, and for the PTSA to provide grade-specific information to those parents.

Who can join Parent Networks?

All parents and guardians are encouraged to join, especially those who seek a supportive peer group discussion with others in their grade level regarding their children’s social, emotional, and academic experiences. Students are not allowed to join parent networks.  All parents who agree to be contacted by the PTA in their PAUSD enrollment forms are automatically added to their student’s grade level UpToUs parent network.

How do Parent Networks operate?

Each grade-level network is run by a team of Coordinators who operate according to the Gunn PTSA Parent Network policy (see below). Coordinators set up in-person meetings throughout the year and provide information through an online group. Meetings provide an opportunity for parents to share ideas, concerns, and strategies around issues such as friendships, parent-child communication, emerging independence, discipline, and social life (dating, parties, etc.) – and of course, college. Usually this exchange is through informal discussions, but some groups invite a speaker or guest from time to time.

How do I join my Parent Network(s)?

All parents who agree to be contacted by the PTA on their PAUSD district registration are automatically added to the new parents UpToUs groups which get created early August. If you are not on the list after mid-August, contact one of the moderators below or send a request to join your class.

All-Parent Network Coordinator

Jen Schultz

Class of 2021 Parent Network

Julie Dubrouillet
Nisha Datta
Laura Wingard

Class of 2022 Parent Network

Claire Kirner
Leena Gill
Gunjan Gupta

Class of 2023 Parent Network

Annie Bedichek
Lili Nova-Roessig
Mana Uchino

Class of 2024 Parent Network

Elizabeth Lam
Naomi Wang
Michelle Chen

Special Education/Inclusion Representatives (all grades):

Momo Yanagihara
Yael Uziyel Navel

Parent Network Policy

Gunn PTSA Parent Networks Policy is based on the PTAC Parent Network Guidelines (updated May 24, 2017). Please contact the VP Communications or the President of the Gunn PTSA with any questions.