Student Grants

The Gunn PTSA announces the Student-Led Project Grants with $15,000 waiting to be awarded this year!  Please read these guidelines to understand the process and criteria.  

Students are encouraged to apply for funding for projects that benefit the Gunn Community.  Grants are available up to $800 (larger amounts may be considered). Grant amounts must include tax and shipping, and a cost estimate for items to be purchased as part of the proposal. Funds must be spent by May 31, 2022.

Thank you to all the parents that gave donations to the PTSA. Your generosity helps bring these student-led school projects to life.

Inaugural Grants Spring 2021  

  • $1350  to procure consumable materials and tools for The Village Studio. The Village Studio brings together minds from all disciplinary fields and helps foster creativity through project-based learning, unstructured curricula, and critical education. It is a creative center based at Gunn with a variety of tools to make things, from STEM/engineering projects to artistic endeavors. 
  • $1040 for the Gunn Video Production and The Gunn Film Club to screen films for the student body at film festivals and community movie nights with public performance licensing to legally bring the magic of movies to K-12 schools.
  • $500 to Gunn Organic Gardening Club to create easy to grow seed packets for the Gunn community to start gardening around Earth Day in April.
  • $500 to pay for 7.5 months of technology services required for Tutorbook – an online platform used for Gunn’s peer tutoring program.   
  • $300 to the SEC Wellness Program for the purchases of prizes to encourage participation in the school wide mental health conference in March. 
  • $250 to buy prizes to encourage 11th grade students to use Gunn’s free Naviance test prep services.  
  • $210 to the Gunn eSports Club for prizes for a Spring eSports tournament
  • $200 for the printing and translation of a student created brochure to educate the Gunn community on the importance of the Covid-19 Vaccine.

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