Site Council

The Gunn Site Council, one of four advisory groups to the principal, is composed of elected parents, student officers, teaching staff, administration and counseling department representatives. The purpose of the Site Council is to develop a school improvement process for Gunn.

Site Council typically meets monthly on Mondays at 4:00 pm in the Staff Lounge to discuss issues related to the school. Anyone is welcome to visit.

Current parent representatives to the Site Council are Erica Agiewich (2019-21), Anne Marie Hallada (2019-21), Star Teachout (2020-22) and Bryna Chang(2020-22). Althea Brown is the Parent Alternate.

The current roster and more information can be found on the Site Council website. We encourage parents to email us directly or use the PTSA Online Feedback Form to make requests or raise questions for discussion. And you’re always welcome to come to the meetings!