Challenge Success

Gunn will be part of the Challenge Success Consortium in the 2020-21 school year.

We will be changing the narrative/school climate and structure at Gunn. Last time we were part of Challenge Success the team:

  • Shared Challenge Success school survey data with parents and faculty
  • Implemented schoolwide wellness and SEL campaigns and curriculum 
  • Expanded student wellness clubs and leadership opportunities including ROCK, flextime yoga, student wellness committee and commissioner, …
  • Hosted student fishbowls and feedback sessions to encourage conversations between students and staff
  • Worked on Districtwide homework policies to reduce load and increase engagement
  • Explored opportunities to alleviate test and assignment stacking
  • Worked on standards-based grading practices
  • Implemented block schedule with weekly flextime to enable students to self-manage homework/study schedule 
  • Implemented later start times (since 2017), and blended learning classes
  • Held career exploration day to broaden students’ definition of success
  • Held post-secondary GAP year/community college fair

This time, we hope to work on similar large projects. Stay tuned!