Gunn Foundation and Booster Programs

Gunn Fundraising Boosters programs support specific programs at Gunn. Your support helps keep Gunn’s programs world class. Click on each Booster site to be redirected to its online payment site.

The Gunn Foundation

The Gunn Foundation
helps bridge the financial aid gap for many deserving college-bound seniors at Gunn High School. The funds help with tuition deposit, housing deposits, fees, books, supplies, and transportation. Awards can range from $500 to $3,500 per student. Donate here. 

Auto Tech Boosters

Auto Tech Boosters funds materials, competition needs, and support for Gunn’s Automotive Tech program.

Band and Orchestra Boosters

Band & Orchestra Boosters funds guest conductors, scholarships, Instruments and festival fees.

Choir Boosters

Choir Boosters supports the award-winning Gunn Choir program by helping to provide buses to performances & festivals, hiring accompanists, music consultants, guest conductors, and purchasing supplies including sheet music.

Theatre Boosters

Theatre Boosters funds classroom enrichment workshops, guest lecturers, visiting theatre professionals, field trip scholarships theatre improvements such as new lighting equipment.

Sports Boosters

Sports Boosters supports the Gunn Athletic Program supplementing PAUSD’s funding of uniform purchases, assistance with athletic travel funds, field maintenance, equipment purchases, facility upgrades, and team ceremonies that celebrate the student athlete.

Robotics Team Boosters

Robotics Team Boosters supports Gunn’s award-winning robotics team.