Volunteering at Gunn

Current Volunteer Opportunities

There are many opportunities to volunteer at Gunn. Volunteers log thousands of hours at school every year.  We value your contribution and we could not do it without you!

Volunteering is a great way to meet other parents, make new friends, and get more involved in the school. If you are interested in any of the following roles or teams, please contact us at vpcommunityactivities@gunnpta.org  or president@gunnpta.org. We welcome new energy and ideas!

  • Latte Cart Committee (plan hospitality breakfast bites for staff in October, November, January, March and/or April)
  • Staff Luncheon (help plan one of the staff luncheons, including the Fall Luncheon in September, Holiday lunch in December, Winter lunch in February or Spring Lunch in April)
  • Homecoming Dinner Committee (assisting the PTSA Community Activities VP’s in planning and hosting the Homecoming dinner in October; this event happens after school)
  • Turkey Feast Committee (assisting the PTSA in planning and hosting the Turkey Feast, our largest community building event of the year; the Turkey Feast happens the Thursday before Thanksgiving break at lunch time)
  • International Tastings Chair (planning and hosting the International Tastings event that happens during lunch in April).
  • PTSA Ad in The Oracle (creating content with the PTSA President for the school newspaper)

Additionally, PTSA will reach out to families for volunteer help via Konstella, including:

  • Student Activities Program Support (planning and supporting activities for students with SEC, as needed)
  • Career Speaker Series Committee (assisting Gunn CCE staff and PTSA’s Parent Lead in recruiting speakers and logistics)
  • Parent Ed Team (assisting the PTSA Chair in planning and supporting Parent Education efforts)
  • Miscellaneous School Support Tasks (on demand as needed)