PTSA Volunteers

The positions below are for PTSA Volunteers.  To get the email address for the person, please look at the UpToUs student/parent directory.  There are many spots still available that we need help with.  If you can help, please send email to our president Sigrid Pinsky or fill in our PTSA Volunteer Form and someone will get back to you.  We would love to have you join us.

Gunn High School PTSA Roster 2018/2019
Liaisons (President and EVP)
Student Council Advisor Lisa Hall
PiE Co-Chair Sonya Bradski
PiE Co-Chair Marilyn Keller
PiE Co-Chair Laura Wingard
PiE Co-Chair Victoria Chang
PiE Co-Chair Rose Gong
PiE Co-Chair Jennifer Schultz and more!
PTA Council Rep tbd
Site Council Parent Rep Jane Dick
Site Council Parent Rep Liz Milner
Site Council Parent Rep Glynn Edwards
Site Council Parent Rep Mudita Jain
Site Council Parent Rep (Alternate) Jade Chao
Challenge Success Evan Lurie
Challenge Success Elisabeth Bonnet
Challenge Success Stacey Ashlund
Grad Night Co-Chair Mrinal Pusegaonkar?
Grad Night Co-Chair needed
Grad Night Treasurer Elisa Yu
Sports Awards/Booster Liaison needed
Gunn/PTAC Wellness Liaison Heidi Trilling
Gunn/PTAC Social Emotional Learning Liaison Elisabeth Bonnet
Back-To-School Packets needed
Treasurer Liaison-Direct Appeal needed
Treasurer Liaison-Membership needed
Treasurer Liaison-eScrip & Amazon Smile needed
Parent Communications (VP Communications)
eNews Editor (Gunn Connection) Shari Arensdorf
eNews Editor (Gunn Connection) Rita Lee
Gunn Connection Extra (webposts) needed
Gunn Connection eNews List Admin needed
PTSA Webmaster Philippe Alexis
eDirectory Administrator Philippe Alexis
Parent Education Chair needed
Parent Education EileenToomeyLanday
Parent Education Michelle Chen
Parent Education Ann Xu
2019 Senior Parent Network Kimberly Eng Lee
2019 Senior Parent Network
2020 Junior Parent Network Annie Bedichek
2020 Junior Parent Network Evan Lurie
2020 Junior Parent Network Eileen Toomey Landay
2020 Junior Parent Network Xin Liu
2020 Junior Parent Network Barbara Best
2021 Sophomore Parent Network Nisha Datta
2021 Sophomore Parent Network Julie Dubrouillet
2021 Sophomore Parent Network Laura Wingard
2022 Freshman Parent network Rose Gong
2022 Freshman Parent Network Greta Olbrich
2022 Freshman Parent Network Jennifer Schultz
Special Ed/Inclusion Rep Kimberly Eng Lee
Special Ed/Inclusion Rep Ann Xu
Special Ed/Inclusion Rep Grace Downer
Student & Community Activities (VP Community Activities)
Student Appreciation Chair needed
New Families Potluck (w/Outreach & Freshman PN) Lily Hu
Homecoming BBQ Co-Chair needed
Homecoming BBQ Co-Chair needed
Traffic Safety Jenny Zhang
Transit Coordinator needed
Pedal 4 Prizes Co-Chair needed
Pedal 4 Prizes Co-Chair needed
Pedal 4 Prizes Support needed
Pedal 4 Prizes Support needed
Turkey Feast Co-Chair Donna Pioppi
Turkey Feast Co-Chair Mary Catherine
Staff & Volunteer Appreciation (VP Community Activities)
Staff Back to School breakfast needed
Staff Back to School breakfast needed
Staff Appreciation Lunch (Korean) needed
Staff Appreciation Lunch (Holiday) needed
Staff Appreciation Lunch (Lunar New Year) needed
Staff Appreciation Lunch (Lunar New Year) Ann Xu
Staff Appreciation Lunch (Cinco de Mayo) needed
Latte Cart needed
Latte Cart needed
Staff/Volunteer Appreciation Lunch (May) Sigrid Pinsky
Staff/Volunteer Appreciation Lunch (May) Kathy Laurence