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We do offer translations of our eNews:  现在提供的翻译 Chinese, Español Spanish, 한국어 번역본 Korean, 日本語版 Japanese, Français French. Please refer to the most current issue of eNews (in your email inbox) for the password to view to these translation pages. Thank you to the Gunn Culture Club for offering their services each week in order to keep our community informed in these five different languages!

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Publication Guidelines

  • The Gunn Connection is published ONCE a week, every Monday. Deadline is 3pm on FRIDAY, two days before publication.
  • Please submit ANNOUNCEMENTS ONLY to the Gunn Connection at Only announcements specific to the Gunn community will be published. Any other announcements from outside the Gunn community must first be submitted for review to the PTA eNews, which will then distribute it to the relevant schools in the district.
  • We do not publish announcements from “for profit” organizations, parent-run businesses, test-prep services, tutorial businesses, start-ups, entrepreneur-led businesses, etc.
  • We no longer list sports organizations, clubs or leagues, sports camps, summer camps, or team recruiting (unless affiliated with PAUSD).
  • We cannot publish listings of student-led businesses, tutoring, or other ventures, even if the students intend to donate all profits to charity.
  • We will, at times, publish announcements from student-led organizations that are affiliated with the school, such as Gunn Robotics, Gunn Speech & Debate for listing their summer camps. Any other summer camp not taking place at Gunn and/or not run by a Gunn club or Gunn students will not be published.
  • We do not announce promotions of individual student achievements, such as winners of competitions or contests. If it’s a Gunn club or class (such as GRT or Band, etc.) that has won a contest or competition, we will consider running the announcement for one week only.
  • Announcements will be limited to 100 words or less – and one single paragraph. If your submission is more than 100 words or more than one paragraph, we will edit it.
  • Content should be in the body of your email as unformatted text. No attachments, flyers, or PDFs, please.
  • Announcements will be published in two consecutive issues. To have further announcements made after that, please submit your announcement again.
  • Please use the words “Gunn Connection” in the email subject line. Items should include a title, the date, time and location of the event, and a brief (100 words or less) description of the activity. List email, contact information and web links at the end.
  • Items are published at the discretion of the editors. Editors may also remove items after one week based on space limitations.