Staff Grants

Spring Grants

Thanks to generous support of parents in our fall back-to-school campaign, Gunn PTSA has awarded $36,000 to promote innovative teaching this year. Below are 18 new awards in addition to the Fall and Winter grants.  Grants are for classroom or school-wide programs that teach or support students in creative and engaging ways. Staff are encouraged to support local business when purchasing items.

Applications will continue to be accepted through April 15, 2021 for equipment and supplies that will help staff re-open classrooms and teach students in person and remotely. Gunn PTSA Staff Grant online application.

Spring Grants $5,000 

  • Josh Little: DNA replication and protein synthesis puzzles kits for biology to help students visualize the concepts.
  • Marie Durquet: Film development and picture mounting supplies for photography students.
  • Matt Hall: Kendamas for the Japanese language classroom.
  • Raquel Cuevas Ceja: Kitchen supplies including microwave, kitchen rack and classroom dividers to complete the Futures classroom renovation.
  • Sandra Conklin: Dog Biscuit Business supplies for the Futures program including a dedicated mixer for students with nut allergies.
  • Ana Maria Gonzalez Barrios: Materials for her new classroom including Spanish language items, lectern, iPad cover, and a wheeled backpack.

Technology Grants $8,000 to support Hybrid Instruction

  • Karen Saxena and Michael Bautista: Tablets to support interactivity with in-room SmartBoard, applications and annotations in Math and Computer Science
  • Takeshi Kaneka: Wireless numeric keyboard and trackpad to support ergonomics and in-room portability in Math and CTE
  • Steve Ames and Diane Ichikawa: RODE wireless Dual-channel lavalier microphone, receiver, headphones and Bluetooth speakers for outdoor Yoga instruction*
  • Ann-Marie Metzler and Michael Bautista: NexiGo AutoFocus 1080p Webcam and Tripod for Special Education and Math*
  • Kristina Granlund-Moyer: Wireless voice amplifier to increase mobility and in-room sound quality for Robotics*
  • Tom Casavant:  IPEVO Document Camera for AP Physics class*
  • Leighton Lang: MEVO Start webcam and tripod for College & Career Center speakers*
  • Gopi Tantod: Desktop riser to stand and have a view of students in the classroom and online in Math*
  • Kristen Owen: IPEVO Wireless Interactive Whiteboard System and docking station hub for English/SELF/FOS classroom without a SmartBoard*
  • Deanna Messinger: MEVO Start webcam, tripod and stand for painting/printmaking/canvas building demonstrations in the classroom and at home*
  • Kristy Blackburn, Jacintha Kompella, and Diane Ichikawa: Meeting OWL Pro with 360-degree camera, microphones and speakers for interactive in-room discussion and co-teaching, simultaneous with in-room and remote participants over Zoom in English, Physics and Yoga*
  • Todd Summers: Wireless Bose Speakers and MEVO Start webcam and tripod for outdoor Band & Orchestra instruction*

* Gunn Hybrid Instructional Technology Pilot and Lending Library

Winter Grants $10,203

  • Jeff Patrick:  iPad Air and Apple pencil to use during Zoom sessions to replicate writing on a white board
  • Tiffany Ou and Sandra Lewis:  Headphone extenders for orchestra students playing string instruments
  • Karen Saxena:  Registration for 3 teachers to “Making best use of DESMOS to strengthen your Math instruction” seminar. DESMOS has been extremely useful during distance learning and even before for creating engaging online learning activities.
  • Marie Durquet:  Photography supplies to provide students an opportunity to shoot with film and receive printed images they can mount into a collage.
  • Paul Dunlap and Kristy Blackburn:  The English department staff will use Letting Go of Literary Whiteness by Carlin Borsheim-Black and Sophia Tatiana Sarigianides as a department-wide reading selection. This text, from Teachers College Press, focuses on classroom strategies for teaching about issues of race through literature, especially in environments that are predominantly white. It offers strategies for teachers to use to help all students engage in meaningful conversations around race in the classroom.
  • Raquel Cuevas Ceja:  Kitchen supplies for the Futures Classroom
  • Sandra Conklin:  “Coffeeologoy” replacement and new supplies for the Wellness Center
  • Liz Matchett:  Breathe with Me is an ongoing, multifaceted global art project launched at the United Nations Headquarters during the Climate Action Summit.  The Gunn community will be creating a piece to be installed on the fence behind the Gunn athletic fields.
  • Kristina Granlund-Moyer:  Supplies to create “at-home” project kits for the two PLTW engineering classes.
  • Daissy Tabares:  iPad and an Apple Pencil to help with distance teaching

Fall Grants $12,565

  • Paul Brown: Harmonicas and songs to students in special education.
  • Kristen Owen: Focus on Success Program.
  • Todd Summers: Samson Go Mic Portable USB Condenser Microphones (SAGOMIC) for recording music.
  • Mike Camicia: Bead blaster unit and abrasive for the auto tech program.
  • Raquel Cuevas Ceja (first year teacher, Futures Program): New electric range and refrigerator for working on vocational skills to prepare students for life after high school. 
  • Kristy Blackburn, Diane Ichikawa and Jordan Wells (American Lit English teachers): Class sets of three graphic novel titles that show a range of the American experience not currently provided by core texts. In addition, they will create a lending library.
  • Ana Maria Gonzalez Barrios: iPad Air and Apple Pencil to help with remote teaching. 
  • Takeshi Kaneko: iPad Air, Apple pencil and external monitor to better facilitate whole-class interaction/small-group support and to enable better management of Zoom, Schoology, and other necessary apps simultaneously.
  • Sandy Conklin (Special Education): Cash register, laminator, panini maker, coffee maker, gift tags, two hand mixers and coffee to boost Coffeeology menu and support the dog biscuit business.
  • Daljeet Gill and the library staff: More ebooks and audiobooks including purchasing 3-4 copies of books that teachers can use for book clubs,  classes or groups of students who want to read a book together outside of class. Funds donated directly to the library by parents will also be used for this purchase

Goals of the PTSA Staff Grant

PTSA has financial resources to share with all Gunn teachers and staff to promote innovative teaching methods. This seems especially poignant this year. Grants will be considered for classroom or school-wide programs that teach or support students in creative and engaging ways.

Grants are available up to $2,000 (larger amounts may be considered). Grant amounts must include tax and shipping, and a cost estimate for each item to be purchased as part of the grant proposal. Funds must be spent by May 28, 2021.

Requests for hardware/software can be considered if first approved by the Gunn Tech Supervisor.  The PTSA cannot commit funds for post-purchase multi-year support.

How to Apply

Before filling out the online application, please ensure the following: 

  • Your departmental IS has reviewed and approved your grant proposal (and Gunn Tech approved hardware or software requests)
  • Your amount includes tax and shipping, and will be spent by May 28, 2021
  • Gunn PTSA Staff Grant online application.

Ordering and Payment Process

If your application is approved, teachers/staff shall work with Gunn’s Budget Secretary for all orders, shipments, and payments related to the grant.

Thank you for supporting our students!  Have questions? Contact Audrey Gold, VP of Ways and Means (