Staff Grants

PTSA Announces Spring Staff Grants 

Thanks to generous donors, the Gunn PTSA awarded additional grants to fund these innovative programs led by gifted Gunn staff.

  • Timothy Young for alternative seating options (wobble stools) that support movement in the classroom which may help some students focus

  • Michael Bautista for Graphing Calculators for math classes matching school funds

  • Jeanette Tucker for special motivational materials for students that may need a reminder of hope and support.

  • Terence Kitada for LEGO art sets for SELF classes

  • Katherine Ja for props, seating, bookmarks and art supplies

  • Daissy Tabares for framed posters and fidget toys

  • Nicole Menace* for food for students in the Achieve 3000 program

    * “other PTSA funds were used to cover this grant request”


Goals of the PTSA Staff Grant

  • PTSA financial resources are shared with Gunn teachers and staff to promote innovative teaching methods and programs. Grants are considered for classroom or school-wide programs that teach or support students in creative and engaging ways.

  • Thanks to generous donors, the Gunn PTSA was able to offer an additional $10,000 to fund innovative programs led by Gunn staff. Applications were due Sunday April 10, 2022. 

  • Grants are available up to $2,000 per applicant (larger amounts may be considered). Grant amounts must include tax and shipping, and a cost estimate for items to be purchased as part of the grant. Funds must be spent by May 31, 2022.

How to Apply

Before filling out the online application please do the following: 

  • Have the departmental IS review and approve the grant proposal (and Gunn Tech approved hardware or software requests)
  • The amount must include tax and shipping, and will be spent by May 31, 2022.
  • Requests for hardware/software can be considered if first approved by the Gunn Tech Supervisor. The PTSA cannot commit funds for post-purchase multi-year support.
  • Complete the Gunn PTSA Staff Grant online application for Spring 2022.

If the proposal is approved, teachers/staff shall work with Gunn’s Budget Secretary for all orders, shipments, and payments related to the grant. Staff are encouraged to support local business when purchasing items.  Funds cannot be carried forward to next year.   

Thank you for the parents who generously donate so we may support our staff! Have questions? Contact Audrey Gold, VP of Ways and Means (