2016 Gunn Turkey Feast – MAJOR Turkey Shortage!

Annual Gunn Turkey Feast – Thursday, November 17

The Gunn 2016 Turkey Feast is fast approaching and we are desperately short of turkeys, pies and volunteers!  Please sign up to help!

The Turkey Feast is an annual event that brings together the Gunn community to eat turkey, be thankful and share their bounty with others. On Thursday, November 17th over 1,600 students, teachers and staff will join together to celebrate Thanksgiving by feasting on turkey, stuffing, vegetarian options, mashed potatoes, salad and pie. This community building event is one of the most well-loved of the year and in addition to fun and food, the Turkey Feast raises money for a local charity that students choose. To make this day happen we need lots of volunteers, 70 turkeys, 200 pies and more. It won’t happen, however, without your help.Please go to the sign-up sheet and plan to cook turkey, bake a pie or volunteer. Questions? Contact Donna Pioppi at dpioppi41@yahoo.com