Sources of Strength/ROCK

Sources of Strength is a wellness program based on building resilience at both Palo Alto high schools. Through Sources of Strength, our youth are identifying, discussing, and strengthening protective factors in their own lives, as well as working together to become agents of positive change and connectors to help those around them.

As change agents, they will spread messages in person and via social media about the various sources of hope, help and strength available to the community. The Sources of Strength program actively creates a culture of increased awareness, compassion and support for all students facing the daily struggles of school and life and teaches strategies for building resilience and multiple sources of strength.

We have a strong team of students and staff working to spread “Hope, Help, and Strength” throughout the Gunn community with “Sources of Strength.”  In September, 53 students from all grades and social groups were trained as Peer Leaders, learning about the eight areas of total wellness and how to connect others to help when appropriate. They will continue to meet bi-monthly throughout the year, and, with the help of 34 staff members, will work on projects intended to promote wellness and connectedness, ranging from “I Am Stronger” testimonials to appreciation letters to promote a mindset of gratitude. Each month will emphasize a different portion of the Sources Wellness wheel:

Octoberrock – “I Am Stronger”; November – Generosity; December – Family Support; January – Healthy Activities; February – Positive Friends; March – Mentors; April – Spirituality and Gratitude; May – Mental Health and Medical Access.