Senior Events

Gunn Senior Student Activities HERE 

Graduating Seniors participate in safe, memorable, fun and engaging, bonding activities to conclude their time at Gunn.  Here’s a brief schedule of what expect, and how parents are involved. Click on the RED/HERE page link (at the top) for the latest information.
Baccalaureate, Graduation Rehearsal, and Graduation are run by the school, while Senior Picnic and GradNight are run by PTSA volunteers. Junior/Senior Prom and PaperToss are run by student government. The Gunn Senior Student Activities page on the school website has the most up to date events, dates and times for ALL senior events. 
PTSA Senior Picnic & GradNight celebrations (optional but encouraged):

2019 Seniors Head to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk immediately following graduation rehearsal until ~3:30pm.

The 2019 GradNight Party is Thurs, May 30th (check-in after graduation ceremony until Friday ~3:30AM) at an undisclosed location that is revealed to parents once student buses at our secret venue. Attendance is optional and scholarships available, so PTSA volunteers sincerely hope that ALL seniors will participate and celebrate their last night of High School together!

Online registration and payment for the Senior Picnic and Grad Party is here (parent/guardian & student both need to sign the liability waiver): If you prefer not to submit this information electronically, please print and return with the directions on the form.  Paper copies are also located in the Gunn front office. For Scholarship approval, students should contact their guidance counselor.  For any other questions or concerns, contact Karen Jacobsen,