PAUSD Grief Support Resources

Here are some resources (pdfs) to help you support your student(s):

Talking to your Kids About Suicide
Kara Guidelines Providing Comfort
Suicide Warning Signs Emergency Response

As that conversation takes place, please remember the following:

  • Adult role models play an important role in promoting protective factors in children, such as resiliency and connectedness.
  • It is important to provide opportunities for your child to express their feelings in a safe environment.
  • How children grieve is unique to their developmental stage as well as their life experience.
  • Grief and depression are two different states of mind; grief is a typical response to loss while depression is marked by specific, more chronic symptoms such as pervasive sadness or anxiety, loss of interest in previous activities, feelings of hopelessness, etc.
  • If you’re concerned about your child’s well being, please reach out to your school or private health provider.
  • We remain dedicated partners in increasing the health and well being of our children and community.

Miriam Stevenson

Director of Wellness & Support Services