March 20 Message from PAUSD Superintendent

Thank you all for your patience and flexibility as we transition from Phase I (first week) to Phase II (next two weeks) of our closure.  We are planning now for a likely Phase III (closure beyond Spring Break).  Each phase is described in the links below and increases expectations for staff and students.  

Mass communications from the District Office will subside and site messages and direction will increase.  Our principals at all levels will push updates to families each Wednesday throughout the closure.  The plan could shift if significant events occur or conditions change.  Students should expect routine communication from parents beginning in Phase II and escalating in Phase III.

Thank you for your understanding and partnership.  We are all in this together and appreciate our teachers for learning a completely different method of delivering instruction.  We will get better each day through professional development, identification of best practices, and student feedback.


Don Austin, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools