FAQ’s regarding Gunn’s new COVID-19 policies

Note to parents: Be sure to read the Superintendent’s Update Regarding Coronavirus dated March 9, 2020. Things are changing by the day. The district will make every attempt to keep you informed and updated here.

Reminders for parents:

  • Volunteer parents & visitors will not be permitted on school grounds during the school day (see exceptions below). Should any parent have a question regarding whether or not they can participate in an activity, please contact Gunn administration.
  • If families travel to any affected international locations over the upcoming spring break, they will be subject to the quarantine guidelines and any new guidelines that may be implemented. 

Specific FAQs regarding Gunn’s updated policies/guidelines:

  1. YCS Service Days: Both Service Days – Thurs 3/12 and Fri 3/13 – are cancelled.
  2. Events over 100 people: These will be decided on a case by case basis.
  3. Parents on campus:
    • Parents can come onto campus for SST, 504 and IEP meetings.
    • Parents coming to campus for PTSA meetings need to cancel, postpone, meet off campus, or meet by phone/video.
  4. Athletics:
    • For indoor events the limit is 100 spectators.
    • For outdoor events (track and field, swimming), no limit on spectators but there needs to be distance between people.
  5. Attendance/Absence Policy:
    • The current policy is that parents need to send in written notification that they are voluntarily pulling their student out of school due to concerns regarding the coronavirus.  The note needs to include the specific dates their child will be out of school and it cannot exceed 10 days. If the parent wants to keep the child out longer than 10 days, they will need to send in another notification.  Upon receipt of the note, the Attendance Office will mark the absence AD (Administrative Discretion). It is an excused absence.
    • We are not providing online learning for students who are not at school.
  6. Senior Events: Currently all end-of year senior activities are ON. We will let you know if that changes.
  7. Prom: Prom is postponed (final decision pending).
  8. Testing:
    • AP tests will continue as usual.
    • CAASPP and CAST tests are postponed (final decision pending).
  9. PTSA Events and Meetings:
    • PTSA meetings need to be canceled, postponed, or meet off campus or by phone/video.
    • International Week Food Tastings are cancelled.
  10. Staff Volunteer/Appreciation:
    • Staff appreciation is pending.