Event Planning for the PTSA

Here is an Event Planner Worksheet – this is just a guide.
Here is the Gunn Facilities Request Form – email it to Carole Main once it’s complete.
Here is the Gunn PTSA reimbursement form – only original receipts allowed. Fill out the form and leave in PTSA drawer in Gunn’s main office.
Here are the PAUSD nutrition guidelines, please follow them at all events.

Email Devin Licon, IT guy, for speakers/audio/visual and translation equipment.
Email Martha Elderon in the office to put your event on Gunn’s schoolwide Google Calendar.
Email the custodians for tables and chair set up. You will receive work order number: Custodian@pausd.org
Email e-News (the GunnConnection) with information about your event by noon Thursday deadline: gunnconnection@paloaltopta.org

For PTSA supplies: get the key from Martha for supplies in the PTSA cabinet. These supplies are paid for by PTSA. If there is something special/extra/missing, please contact Paul Sakuma.

Coffee: Starbucks on El Camino Way.  Say you are from Gunn’s PTSA for 20 percent off large orders only for school events. Brianna is store manager. Rachael is regional manager.  Pay a day or so in advance, then just pick up – no waiting in line. It’s quick and there is good parking at that site.

Tea: There are four hot water dispensers in the Staff Lounge. Tea and sugar are next to the cabinet on the left.

Ice water: PTSA has four five-gallon jugs in the Staff Lounge. You can find ice in the freezer there or ask for from food services in Gunn’s kitchen.

PAUSD guidelines: I abide the district guidelines for students only – not for staff/parent.  If you have questions contact Alva Spence in the district office.

Food: PTSA buys most of its food (chips, popsicles, soda drinks, cookies) from the district since it’s their sugar/salt guidelines. Melanie Gomez is the purchaser, cc Alva, and Claire McCole.

Claire McCole. is the Gunn Kitchen chef. Claire loves the PTSA, but try to be respectful if you are in the kitchen during school lunchtime.

If you need volunteers, contact Norma Hesterman, Gunn’s Volunteer Coordinator. She has lots of lists, history and ideas.

If you want any student help or advertisement, contact Lisa Hall, with SAC and SEC or, the
Gunn Student Body President Pauline Her.

The PTSA has a very good and respectful relationship with everyone at the school, vendors, district level. Please request early and not a day ahead.