VTA Bus Cuts Update & Call To Action

On Tuesday, February 7, VTA staff reaffirmed their plan to cut the VTA 88, 88L, 88M bus lines and replace them with a limited school tripper-only service that would run three buses to Gunn before school and three buses from Gunn after school. That is, the VTA is proposing to eliminate the current hourly service on the VTA 88 bus. 

VTA staff agreed to consider shifting one bus from the 288B line to cover the existing 88L route, though they have not yet committed to do that. VTA staff will not consider providing service throughout the day as Gunn PTSA has requested. To accommodate students with after-school activities who depart Gunn later, VTA will consider providing one additional bus run (specific schedule is yet undetermined). Gunn PTSA gave VTA student survey results on route and schedule changes and a Gunn enrollment pin map to inform their planning process. Options are being discussed. The City of Palo Alto is advocating for retention of the VTA 88, 88L, and 88M lines as they exist today.

More info on bus route and schedule changes is at www.88bus.org. VTA’s website on the changes is: nextnetwork.vta.org

Students and parents, here’s what you can do to support the city and PTSA’s effort to save the 88Bus:

  1. Attend and speak at the VTA Board Meeting on March 2 (Location to be announced soon. Save the date! See http://www.vta.org/get-involved/board-of-directors)
  2. Email VTA today (even if you have already written before) to Community.outreach@vta.org, copy the VTA Board at board.secretary@vta.org, copy the Palo Alto City Council at city.council@cityofpaloalto.org, and copy Gunn PTSA Transit Coordinator Arthur Keller at ptc@kellers.org.
Here are three suggested talking points to address in your own words:
  • Encourage VTA to retain the 88, 88L, and 88M bus lines as they exist today.
  • Tell VTA how the new limited schedule will affect your ability to use the bus:
    • Will it be harder to use the bus to get home from after-school activities?
    • Do you need to get home or to a job during the day when the limited schedule will not run?
    • If there is no 88L line, how will that affect you?
  • Ask VTA to work with City of Palo Alto to identify a solution that works better for our whole community. The student survey indicates that 67% of respondents will be less likely to use the bus if the proposed changes are made.
VTA Survey Explores Bus Fare Changes

VTA is considering bus fare changes, including student fares. Gunn bus users are encouraged to respond to VTA’s survey on bus fares. Find the survey at: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/VTAFareReviewPublicInput