Parent Networks

What are Parent Networks?

Parent Networks are grade-specific groups for parents/guardians to get acquainted and share ideas during meetings, or in online forums, about parenting and topics related to our students’ day-to-day experiences at Gunn.

Who can be involved?

All parents and guardians are encouraged to join, especially those who seek a supportive peer group discussion with others in their grade level regarding their children’s social, emotional, and academic experiences.

What is the purpose of each Parent Network?

Meetings are typically scheduled once a month to provide an opportunity for parents to share ideas, concerns, and strategies around issues such as friendships, parent-child communication, emerging independence, discipline, and social life (dating, parties, etc.) – and of course, college. Usually this exchange is through informal discussions, but some groups invite a speaker or guest from time to time.

How do I join my Parent Network(s)?

Send an email to one or both moderators with the name of your child and their grade, and you will be added after verification.

Senior Parent Network (Class of 2017)

Barbara Best
Ani Gnanalingam

Junior Parent Network (Class of 2018)

Catherine Wytmar
Nancy Smith
Annie Bedichek

Sophomore Parent Network (Class of 2019)

Kimberly Eng Lee
Shalini Kumar
Mrinal Pusegaonkar

Freshman Parent Network (Class of 2020)

Annie Bedichek
Barbara Best
Lili Nova-Roessig
Colleen Petersen
Xin Liu

Chinese Parent Network

Ann Xu
Maria Mao
Liz Dong
Hannah Lu

Korean Parent Network

Jenny Ryu

Spanish Parent Network

Luis Bello
Heba Badran Tantawi
Olivia Viveros

Students with Special Needs Parent Network

Bin He
Kimberly Eng Lee
Palo Alto CAC

Rules (any questions, contact the VP of Communications or the President of the Gunn PTSA)

  • Online submissions and in-person discussion group content shall be moderated by each network’s moderator team.
  • Messages shall be school-related, appropriate, and positive; discussions shall be respectful and productive. Messages containing the following may not be posted:

– Named individuals – district/school staff, teachers, parents, students

– For-profit endeavors

– Political issues or candidates (unless approved by the Palo Alto PTA Council) or divisive issues

– Intense personal situations or proprietary information

– Want-ads (housing, items, etc.)

  • Options for parents that want an unmoderated group-chat forum can form their own online forum (Google Group, Yahoo Group, Facebook group, etc.). These are not created or moderated by Gunn PTSA.

– PTA email lists shall not be used to populate/invite membership to a non-PTA online forum

– Non-PTA online forums may be neutrally advertised in a PTA parent network

– Although the opt-in group is not controlled by Gunn PTSA, creators should strive to follow PTA guidelines on respect for the Gunn community