Gunn Site Council

Site Council is a valuable forum where Gunn’s staff, students and parents are all present to discuss issues related to the school – it brings a unique and broad perspective which we value greatly! Meetings are almost monthly and anyone is welcome to visit. Read on about how Site Council differs from other school bodies.

Site Council consists of elected parents, student officers, teaching staff, administration and counseling department representatives. Our principal often reports or invites others to report on various areas and, when necessary, we vote on actionable items. Often the issues parents bring forward are connected to these reports and relevant for our discussion.

The Site Council has at least two roles that may differ from other school bodies:

  1. To disburse funds given by the District to Site Council. These funds are usually intended for special projects that teachers are using to enrich the curriculum. We examine these requests to ensure fair distribution and to further the school’s goals.
  2. To oversee and keep the school accountable to it’s School Improvement Plan, which is our WASC Plan, Gunn’s long-term action plan covering student wellness/multiple paths to success, closing achievement gap, collecting and using helpful data.

To gather feedback, Site Council contacts the PTSA Parent Networks and the Gunn Parents Facebook group about 1-2 weeks before each meeting. We encourage parents to use the PTSA Online Feedback Form or email directly with requests or questions for discussion. And you’re always welcome to come to the meetings!

How do you know who to contact for what?

  • Concerns about your student’s progress, courses, teachers or welfare? Go to their teacher or counselor (check Infinite Campus for contact information)
  • Ideas or concerns related to student life, school direction, implementation of goals and progress for the school, ideas for programs or resources? Contact Site Council
  • To help with activities (contact PTSA) or for in-school volunteering, (contact staff member Norma Hesterman)
  • Questions about current issues and concerns can also be posed in the PTSA Online Feedback Form or at the next Principal’s Coffee.

If in doubt, communicating through more than one route can help and we can direct you on how best to get your issue addressed.  Our current roster and more information can be found on the Site Council webpage. Meetings are usually on a Monday after school in the Staff Lounge, with one evening meeting per year. The first meeting is September 12 at 4pm.